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"You are a pitiful excuse for a demon. Rabid and Reckless. Am I supposed to fear a little brat like you ?" Darkiplier

Akito was the demon Bob possessed from the beginning of Corruption. He had first appeared in the lore as a 'voice' and later infected Bob's behaviour and actions. He first materialised as an adult, but upon separating, it was revealed that he was actually a small child.


Everything listed below only contains present details.


After separating from Bob, Akito uses his real form, a six year old child with brown hair and green eyes. He is short and always looks angry.


After Bob and Akito separated, both of them were allowed to feel good and bad. Akito has since become more reclusive, and less angry, but more frustrated and sad. He's easy to guilt trip and he regrets a lot of the things he does. He also has a temper, but he's very sceptical of people he doesn't know.

He thinks he might have been better off dying to Darkiplier.


Minor Illusions

He is able to create small illusions, but it takes a lot of focus in order to maintain it. He also needs a lot of stamina as well, which he doesn't have.

Object Materialisation

He can summon and create objects, however, he can only create them inside his head-space, and he can only summon objects that are already from there as well.

He also needs a lot of energy to translate objects from head-space to reality.

Portal Creation

Akito can use specific knives to slice open portals to dimensions and places. Due to inexperience, he must have a tool to direct him and he can only open portals or close when he has enough energy.

Emotion Manipulation

He can fragment his own emotions into several pieces and 'voices'. He uses it to latch onto a selected emotion and fuel himself through there.

He can also do the same thing to force someone to feel something temporarily, but he cannot feel the emotion he has given away until he takes it back.



When overwhelmed with pressure or stress, his emotions will fragment in order to keep him functional, but due to his inexperience, he cannot control them and will get overwhelmed and shut down.


Akito is afraid of being a part of a family because all the previous families he had before ended up dying because of him, either directly or indirectly.

He is also claustrophobic due to the years he spent trapped in his head-space.




  • Zanora (Mother)
  • Darkiplier (Father)


  • Light (Brother)
  • Angel (Sister)


  • Bob (Soul sharer)


  • Gregory (brother in-law)


  • Darkiplier (Dad)

Story line

The following Arcs are organised as a timeline, from the earliest events to the most recent.

Corruption Arc

Act 1

Akito first appeared nameless in the attic, with his soul halved with Bob and no past memories. He could see everything the spider did but could not control the body. He also could not feel any positive emotions, and didn't care about being out until he managed to gather his thoughts and attempted to contact Bob.

Bob recognised him as a negative entity, and immediately shut him out and locked him in his mind. At first, Akito was just annoyed, but when he saw how happy the arachnid was with the attic while he was trapped in his mind, he began to plot a way to get rid of Bob and join the Atticult, feeding off his own negativity and the chaos of the area.

He eventually managed to link himself to Bob and used it as a host body. He only appeared as a voice during the time, taunting others. The attic fought back against him, and knowing that Bob would not be able to die if the attic strongly wanted him back, he decided to recede temporarily until he gained more power and when there were less people.

Act 2

When Akito had enough energy, he started to corrupt Bobs morals and his thoughts to turn the attic against him by making him hurt members of the Atticult. During this stage, Akito was referred to as "HIM" because he had no identity. He merged their souls, allowing them both to feel the full range of emotions, however, he was too drawn into destroying Bob to care.

He wanted to feel happiness and own a family. Thus, he manipulated Bob to believe harming meant the same as good. When the arachnid nearly killed his family, he drew back and flooded him with guilt until he isolated himself, causing him to loose power.

After several days, Bob decided his own death would keep the attic safe. Akito promised Bob that if he died, he would cease to exist, but in reality, he would be sent to purgatory to repent for having immortality. The Attic didn't agree and tried to persuade Bob to bring "HIM" out to kill him, but eventually, drew Akito out and receded to die away from the attics sight.

Akito appeared in the attic in a physical, adult form and began to taunt them as he adjusted. He convinced most of the attic to give up on Bob, but several demanded to speak to Bob. He allowed the arachnid to return so that he could convince everyone to let Bob die. This was when Zanora brought Dark in to speak to Bob.

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Akito hadn't thought Dark and Zanora would care enough for the arachnid to try and help him, so he reassert control until it was too late. He came back and started to challenge Dark in order to buy time to get rid of Bob. However, Bob had already started to regain strength.

Zanora, meanwhile, evacuated the attic to keep everyone from getting hurt.

Dark allowed Akito to hit him without retaliating to keep Bob alive, but he became enraged with Akito's taunting and attacks and eventually snapped, breaking Akito's arm completely. When Dark attempted to deliver the final strike, Akito summoned his soul along with Bobs, causing the soul to split in half and segment the two entities into separate bodies.

Akito was revealed to be a small child, and Bob was returned to his body. Dark spared the demon child at Bobs request and left to heal.