Atticult Wiki

Name: Alex

Species: Arctic Fox


Personality: Serious at times, silly at times, very kindhearted, can be very awkward, doesn't question weird things.

Very Fast.


has rare paw pads, in which each pad on his paws is a different colour in the colour spectrum, which he can use to heal things that are wounded, or just colour dis-coloured things. He may be an Arctic Fox but he sure sounds Australian! G’day m8! What’s cracken?

Height: 5'6 (Because he's still a teen

Totally doesn’t carry around a pocket stab. Nope, not Alex. Was it Xela you saw?

Will stab if any good friend is threatened or hurt. Will literally take a bullet for his friends.

When he was 13, his throat was slit, and the doctors were barely able to save him.

He is very chill, and mostly doesn't get angry.

His parents had him move away to get away from "harm", which he does not know of.

He has been shipped, and if it happens again, arson might happen.