"Something caught your tongue, Ash? Or did I suddenly find a flaw in your 'undying adoration'? Whose claw held you, young one? Who pinned you, and pressed your head down so hard your neck strained? Who tried to kill you? Me, or Bob?"

― Akito (H I M)[[source]]

Ash is the Attic's screamer who screams 23/7. She addresses everyone casually as if you were another friend! She's rarely ever formal (unless it's a serious matter). Plus, you can't really tell her what she can and can't do.

The only people who have the authority to do such a thing are Bob (her suddenly adoptive father), Zanora and Claire. Those, and anyone who is able to intimidate her.



She's short, a cocoa bean, and wears casual clothes 90% of the time. Not much to say, she's just a smol, loud, huggable gremlin who lives on one of the ceiling beams in the Attic, although she's probably moved into a rich penthouse somewhere else.


She screams. A lot. And VERY LOUDLY. She's extremely protective of her Attic family, so if you hurt anyone, she will come after you. After all, she can't tolerate assholes, so don't push it. But of course, she does want the best for both sides of any fight.

As a huge tsundere (type B/type Dere), she cannot accept compliments, and is extremely embarrassed when shipped with anyone. Heck, if you compliment her anywhere, she will rise from the dead and even travel light-years just to disagree with you, and proceed to slap you in the face and maybe stab you a couple of times. With addition to her new lover, Gage, she honestly can't keep herself together around his smooth ass.

She also has immense amounts of love for her suddenly adoptive dad, Bob the spider, and her brother Akito (aka H I M). Dark isn't her second dad, although it was given that Bark (Bob x Dark) is canon, because he canonically adopted Bob. But of course, Ash being Ash, and Dark being a little shit, her salty ass is quite pleased that she doesn't have him as a dad but just as a grandfather. Additionally, she is now petrified due to recent events of him breaking her arm like it was a merely a twig.

Despite the fact that she may have no filter on her mouth, she's still really caring and would drop everything to take care of her friends, or even a any visitors to the attic. Ash tends to get worried too easily, but it's just because she cares.


She's actually quite good in hand to hand combat, and even fencing or sword fighting. It would explain the fact that she has a secret, unlimited stash of weapons hidden in the manor. Ranging from knives to machine guns, she has nearly everything hidden under floorboards and behind paintings and chairs. Though, thanks to Rito, she now has the ability to summon her own two special swords.

That, and her reaction timing is real fast. She'll jump into battles quick, dodge any thrown objects, but of course, she can't dodge bullets or anything going at inhumane speed.

Apparently she has the unfortunate ability to summon people she doesn't want to summon during bad timings.

I guess the fact that she can hear someone compliment her from far away is counted as an ability too, and if you touch her stuff without permission, she'll eventually find out and start chasing you.

Trivia : 

  • Either she has no last name, or she won't reveal it. Nothing about her backstory just yet.
  • Ash has stolen illegal drugged nachos from the Soup Store
  • Been possessed by "weed" demons only once
  • Was shipped with Googleplier [Basement]. Was.
  • Once became a .exe known as 'Dust'
  • Extremely proud of the pun “Macadamien™” that she made when she was high with LightSins for 2 hours making puns
  • Untitled called her a "dude magnet" at some point because she's like the main in a reverse harem

Quotes :

  • "Did someone say stab?"
  • "If you touch Bob, I will break you."
  • "Can confirm. I am full of ashes."
  • "These puns may be punderrated, but you don't need to be so brash or lash out, heck, I'm not even ashking for cash."
  • "You know, it's really sad that you're wasting your only emotion on a person's stupidity."
  • "That was one. Time. Bob would never do that again, and I forgive him... Even if he did do it."
  • "Look, buddy, whether or not you want me to be your sister, I’m going to be here for you, and obviously if you haven’t noticed, you can’t kill me here. Now look at me. Your arm is still in pain and I’m not going to just leave you here like this, so you can either sit here and cry, or rest and heal up."
  • "QXNoZXMgdG8gYXNoZXMNCkR1c3QgdG8gZHVzdA=="
  • "My self esteem is lower than Trump's IQ!"