was an atticultist. Sometimes was referred to in the third person as the author.

The author hated puns and considered them as "a disgrace to literature."


"snuggles the Jim" - Bellaire

"dives into the pillow fort" - Bellaire

"be very Jim" - Bellaire

"rocking back and forth while snuggling a Jim I have heard terrible things" - Bellaire

"you can't die in Markiplier Manor y'all watch Who Killed Markiplier?" - Bellaire

"the author would like everyone to...stay determined. tomorrow is another day, after all." - the author

"the author wishes to inform you that Auntie should flush all of you for your crimes." - the author

"the author is deeply insulted." - the author


  • was the one that screamed "ATTICULT" in the comment section
  • been watching Mark since late 2015, first video was FNAF 3 playthrough
  • went to the first "You're Welcome Tour" show, highly recommended!
  • ate way too many potatoes, wouldn't admit it
  • had no idea how to make a wiki page, was a total noob