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Blaze is the poof that created the poof that is the poof of the poof poof.

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Blaze is a little wolf pup who lives in the Attic. She has a light silvery grey, husky dog like patterned coat. She is generally calm and looking out for people. She loves your pets, but if you’ve done something to her, that may be a different story. She can get very angry very quickly if she sees or something she doesn't like is happening. She also speaks in very broken English, only a few words at a time really. If she speaks in a sentence or full English there might be a meaning behind it... is she hiding something? She also knows a little about magic and may blurt out something if she knows it and wants people to know... or maybe she doesn’t want people to know.


Blaze is friends with all, unless they have done something wrong, or she senses something. She would love to meet you! She usually walks around the attic or joins in with people doing things. She’s even been seen flipping tables with Byte.


She was born with the power to poof. What does that mean? Well she can disappear and reappear out of thin air and teleport into a different area. If she wants to she can even poof you away or in front of her, but she may poof away her self as it takes a lot of energy. Most know she can do this, she is not hiding this.

Mystery Stuff

  • How old is she really?

New stuff(Old may become irrelevant)

Blaze is a husky/wolf dog who was originally living on the streets with her brother. The both escaped into the woods nearby. One day she was sniffing around the woods for a meal, when she came across a hunter. The hunter attempted to grab at her but failed. She ran back to her brother yelping. They both stood shivering for a few minuets before the hunter found them. The hunter had jumped at Blaze and stabbed her in the eye with a needle that had a poisonous substance to wolves, causing her to go nearly blind in that eye. Her brother had jumped at the hunter, screaming at Blaze to run. Blaze at first did not want to go, but after a few minuets of her brother screaming at her to leave, she ran, never looking back with blood stained tears running down her face. She eventually made her way to the manor, and up to the attic.

Every time she falls asleep she thinks of what could have happened to her brother. Had he died? Had he been servery injured? Or worse... had he been made the hunters pet... She hopes he is alright and that she will find him one day.


Blaze is a small puppy with a large fluffy tail and big ears. She has one green and one blue eye, the green eye severely damaged, with many scars on it. Her coat is a light silvery grey on top, with white underneath. She has stubby little legs and a longish body.


Blaze has a few abilities, most of which are just because she is a wolf. Poof: One day Blaze was gifted to the ability to poof, meaning she can teleport to places within her sight. She can also move objects to places, teleport others around. Doing this a lot of times takes a lot out of her, meaning she may revert to just being a wolf that can not speak and do any of her abilities

Speak: Blaze can speak fluent English. She can speak bits and pieces of other language, but most of it probably does not make sense. Why can Blaze speak? How can a wolf speak? What’s going on here?!

”Mind reading”: Blaze can “Mind read” others. This means she can tell what someone is feeling, if they are unwell, or there is something off about them. This is just a wolf thing, right?

Smell: Blaze can smell and sense that you are there before you even appear! She can also sniff out bad things in that food you just ate. Oh wait you didn’t know that food was poisonous? Well... Just a wolf thing?

Hear: Blaze can also hear things that others can not. This is due to her wolf hearing, along with weirdly large ears. Just a wolf thing!

Sight: Even though she really only has one eye,her sight in that eye is amazing! She can sometimes see the wind move dust around!


Full body of Blaze