"You don't understand! Blight is a monstrosity ! A parasite!"

― Gregory King[[source]]


Blight is a very small entity that first made an appearance in an Attic with Gregory, moving on quickly to ruin Greg's love life. They have not appeared to do much yet, but they have interacted with many such as Greg, which Blight affectionately calls, "Egg Fucker"



Blight has no set appearance, and can change their body to match whatever descriptions fit them. Currently, Blight has appeared with medium length, curly black hair and red eyes. Their skin tone is pale, and they are about a full hands height.

When split apart, they can appear to be a minimum of two centimetres short. They can split into a maximum of thirty Blights.


They have a fluctuating personality. They can appear with any form of personality in order to appease the people they seek to manipulate and make them trust them.

They will also try to appear pleasing to people they like.

They are manipulative when it comes to what they seek out in people. They do not mind dying repeatedly, or getting harmed, but repetitive injuries makes them enraged


Body Manipulation

Blight can use their own body matter to create weapons that when implanted into someone, allows them to take control of a certain aspect. They can only summon a set limit of objects.

These weapons give Blight control to different aspects of their victims.

Puppet Mastery

Blight can only control a person when they have certain weapons implanted into their body. Knives allow full body controls, as does a bullet, but only if it's in the heart.

Emotion Manipulation

Blight can store away emotions for later use in the form of 'energy', as well as transfer it to other people and effect them that way. However, they must have planted needles into their target to do so.

The needles must be in their hands, shoulders and neck.


They cannot die unless all existing individual Blights are killed or if they have used so much body matter that they can't split and the single Blight is killed. This is because they can only reform if there's a conscious Blight to focus on doing so.


Two individual blights cannot do anything while their being is reconstructing, even if their beings are split apart. They also have separated consciousness and has to merge when joining back, so if they have to do it in middle of battle, they will be at an extreme disadvantage as they need time to recover and fit them back together.

Blight is small and easily killed.



Has also never encountered them before, and only know that she is the mother of Marley and Cami.

They are Blights adoptive sister.

They are Blights adoptive sibling. Is usually near them and seems to have a tenacity to protect them.


  • GregoryHates him quite a bit, but don't see him as anything more than a play thing.


Storylines and Events

The following Arcs and chapters are organised by the timeline in which it occurred.

Genesis Arc

. . .

Observation Event

Blight arrived in the attic without warning, sent there to observe and watch over a target to prepare for their return home. However, during the time that the person was away elsewhere, Blight stumbled upon Gregory and Angel. They were bored so they decided to provoke and fight Gregory repeatedly.

At first, their fights were mostly for nothing but fun, but after being stabbed and killed repeatedly, they became extremely annoyed and desired to play with Gregory more. On the second day, they decided to go further with their plans and provoked him again.

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After dying repeatedly in an attempt to gain control over Greg, they eventually managed to gain total control over his emotions for a brief period of time via needles. They were promptly kicked out of the attic, while Angel tried to heal Greg.

During this period, Blight forced fear and anger to overload Greg's senses, making him lash out at Angel, however, she managed to pin him down and remove the needles. Blight soon reappeared in the attic and stabbed a knife through Angel's stomach.

This allowed Blight control of Angel's unconscious body, and they gave Greg a choice to attempt to fight Angel, or he could choose to give up. Greg ultimately decided to give up his life for her.

Blight proceeded to shoot her in the head, killing her. They moved onto possess Gregory and forced him to watch as he sawed her limbs off and decapitated her, before leaving shortly after.

Several days after this event, when Angel had been revived, Blight lied that they were Greg's child. Soon after, Angel talked to Blight and Greg together to negotiate a peace treaty between them.

After an hour of whining, they finally agreed on a contract. Blight would not harm either of them and in turn, they cannot hurt Blight. They, however, if provoked by Greg, has permission to physically harm Angel. They have not shown to abuse this yet, but they have also taken her name as a collateral.

Blight now has partial control of Angel.


  • Blight was initially a ship name of Bob and Light, but Greg decided to be an ass and personified it.
  • They were first introduced when Greg claimed "Blight is in my eye!"
  • Blight's name means to spoil, harm, or destroy.
  • Their canon birth date, is the day that they were first used in role-play.

Notable Descriptions

  • Blight tells Angel that she can kindly fuck off.
  • Blight is just going to do their thing from miles away and force feed Greg fear and make him piss himself.
  • They'll find control somehow. No matter the cost. No matter who it is.
  • The knife clattered along side with the corpse, followed by the pistol. Just sounded like time, ticking along. A clatter for every second. A shot for every minute. And the thud of a body for every life taken.
  • Greg was the one who caused her death, and he was the one who took Angel apart piece by piece and broke her. Because he was too weak to fight back. Because he didn't know how to live for himself.


  • Blight tells Angel that she can kindly fuck off
  • "I'm afraid there's nothing to fix, Eggfucker!"
  • "I can just end you now and keep Angel!~ Wouldn't that be such a cute little prospect?~ Forever, with me!~"
  • "Honestly, I would've thought someone like you would be smarter, but I guess your entire legacy is built on stabbing people to death, isn't it ?"
  • "Are you going to try and stab her back to life ?"
  • "This is what happens when you stab people, Greg. Maybe next time, you'll be able to think a little with your head, instead of your knife"
  • "I wonder what this does!" *STABS*