"Bob is God, and Bob is a jim, but not all jims are bobs but all Bobs are Jims." ― Zanora[[source]]

Bob is a giant spider who lives in the Attic and typically never leaves it. He takes care of all the Jims (spiders) and he has his own adopted children as well. He speaks in third person, and whistles to communicate.


Everything listed below only contains present details.



Bob is a giant spider with eight legs, with two slight shorter ones. His appearance is cartoonish black fur that sometimes looks grey, and often appears soft. Fuzzy, when he's inclined to mayhem.

He only has four eyes, while the typical spider has eight. His eyes are a dark violet and he owns salmon pink exoskeleton plating on his body. One large 'spike' on his forehead, and two smaller ones on his abdomen. He has small, darker 'spikes' on the side of his abdomen.

His eyes glow in the dark when light is shined on it, similar to a cats eyes.


He has a loving nature who takes care of everyone, and once more, is very keen on keeping the Atticult friendly and positive. He is also completely passive. He has his occasional aggressive bits, due to the fact that he can feel negativity now. He is now able to feel the full range of emotions everyone feel, not just anger, but he can also express genuine worry as well.

He cares immensely for the people of the Attic.



Bob owns magic mayo jars that can apparently fit anyone and anything, as it seems Bob has used it multiple times to punish rule breakers and occasionally. He mostly uses it to turn people into snow globes.


Bob has sharp fangs and can do more damage than the average spider. He also is able to 'spit' digestive juices onto his prey. He cannot inject poison.

Post Corruption One, he is able to inject Corruption into people through biting. The effects of his Corruption depends on the victim. He has bitten Dark in the beginning of Corruption Act 2.

Bob is able to evade death. This is due to the Attics lore due to Zanora, as well as because his core being survives on the belief of the Atticult members. The more people express their happiness, the more powerful he is, and the longer he can thrive. The second they start to forget him, he will begin dying, no matter what.

He is already beginning die.


Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten. Bob has this fear due to the fact that his life depends on the memory of him. Once he's forgotten, he would die.He knows his life is limited harshly by the people who live there, and he knows he will die very soon.

He knows everyone will forget within a few months, so he tries to hard to make sure everyone is as happy as he can make them while he is still there.

As of canon, he would have died in the beginning of March, but the Attic has been keeping him alive temporarily.



  • Ash (child)

She is one of the many children that Bob adopted. He cares for her dearly and wants her to grow up well and strong.

  • D Hawthorne (Deceased)

He is one of the children that he adopted spontaneously from the OG Attic, someone that Bob had fussed and worried over until he was killed by Blight.

  • Akito

The small demon is technically related to Bob by their previously conjoined souls. He worried for the young, and all he wants is for him to heal and grow.

  • Dark

He is a close friend, and one that saved his life. He trusts in him wholeheartedly.

  • Zanora

She is one who has stood by him time and time again, and he sees her as a very dear friend. He trusts her with all of his family.


  • Angel

Sees her as a daughter, but doesn't interact often. Wants the best for her.

  • Gregory

Does not approve of him, but he's nice. For now.


  • None


Corruption Arc

Act 1

Bob had already fully asserted himself into the Atticult as the spider pet, housing a demonic entity unknowingly. He acted normally, but he started to get spiked with negativity. As he was created to make people happy, he was not born with the ability to feel negativity.

He had also died multiple times before already. Due to this, he was cursed to purgatory the second he died, but because of the Attic, he remained alive. He desired death, but he decided to stay to help everyone.

Corruption was first spotted when his texts started to change. The first appearance is when the text "Bob will be upset" suddenly changed to "Bob will die", and then reverted back. Hundreds more texts altered like this until people began to notice and panicked.

Some attempted to kill him to put him out of his misery, others such as Ash, persisted to 'S A V E' him. Eventually, he gave up as many encouraged him to "Rest".

Because of it, he succumbed to Him. As the Attic was being destroyed by Zanora during the time she was being manipulated by Dark, Him emerged as a demon with the desire to end Bob.

As Bob nearly died, the Attic began to act up as well, demanding Bob back. Enraged, 'He' retaliated, and everyone fought. He decided to wait until he was ready to destroy them too. He faded back and Bob reappeared, temporarily.

Act 2

In the beginning of this act, Bob became homicidal and his emotional state degraded. He was given intentions that were not his own and began to hurt people compulsively without realizing it. He believed that hurting people were the same as caring for them. This was due to "HIM" intervening.

During the same time Zanora and Dark had an argument on the safety of the Attic, Bob suddenly lost all of his personality but still had his "Serve All" purpose. He became mindless and took all commands given, and even attempted to kill himself at someones request.

When Dark attempted to hug Bob for comfort, he bit down on his shoulder and injected Corruption into his body. The effects haven't been seen yet.

Soon after his personality was given back and his morality taken, he was in a haze, observing the fireflies Zanora had gifted him. He concluded the Attic was too chaotic while that the fireflies were peaceful because they were "asleep". The flies were actually dead, but he didn't understand the concept of death anymore.

Thus, he attempted to murder the attic, but was stopped and he suddenly gained back his morality and he, overwhelmed with guilt, disappeared and isolated himself for several days. During then, he began to become more and more suicidal, believing he should die in order to keep the Attic safe.

The Attic members asked if they could bring "Him" out to try and rid him, but while Bob explained that bringing "Him" out would end with his death, he paused and started breaking and began speaking in Base64, arguing with "HIM" before the demon suddenly appeared, replacing Bob.

He lied to everyone that letting Bob die would be best, but in reality, Bob would just end up suffering in Purgatory for years. He also revealed, out of frustration, that he just wanted to live, just as much everyone else and that he was tired of being unknown. He eventually agreed to let them speak to Bob in order to convince them he was better off dead. This was when Zanora and Dark appeared. to speak to Bob.

The fight can be seen according to brackets. [Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three]

He did not expect Dark to care for Bob, so he didn't stop them until it was too late. Bob had begun to fight for control and "HIM" had started to fight Dark.

Eventually, when "HIM" hit and taunted him too much, Dark snapped and destroyed the Attic while fighting the demon, breaking his arms and nearly killing him. However, the demon summoned his soul, along with Bob, in a panic to shield them from death.

The soul split them both into separate bodies, revealing a child named Akito, as well as Bob.

Trivia/Facts :

  • Bob's name is a pun to UnderTale's Temmie Village 'Bob', not Bob Muysken
  • His canon creation is due to Akito appearing in this timeline and needing a host body. Thus, Bob was created and half his soul was segmented and forced into Bob.
  • The spider, 'Bob' was made for a 5 second fun when the Attic was burning down. He stuck, since people loved his character.
  • When Bob left for 'collage', he was meant to never return.
  • Bob graduated Harvard after learning how to be good dad.
  • Bob gains energy from Positivity.
  • Bob can't lay eggs. (Looking at you, Greg)

Notable Descriptions

  • Bob is questioning everyones sanity.
  • Bob says stabbies and the like go into the stabby jar. Either the weapon goes or you go.
  • Bob decides to grip your head. He gestures that it will be okay. It won't hurt at all. It'll just take... three... seconds....
  • He has bitten and nearly killed his friends. He has nearly killed Ash. This is not what Bob is meant to be.
  • What of the times she was not here? What of the time he almost snapped Ash's neck? You were not here. You can't be here all the time. You cannot save  e v e r y o n e.


  • Is this a joke ? Bob can't speak !



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