"She was loved and cared for in the attic and she always loved coming here to spend time with everyone and help out wherever she could. She loved to help anyone who needed it, even if that meant putting herself in danger for the sake of those she cared for." ― Crystals thoughts


Crystal is a girl that carries around a notebook wherever she goes, jotting things into it. Sometimes, she drifts off and day dreams about things she's never understood, at least, until she came into the attic.



She has brown hair that reaches her waist, and brown eyes to match it. She owns fair skin and has no general dress code.


Typically, she's seen to be gentle and sweet, caring for people around her. She's also protective of them, especially younger ones and often neglects her own health for others.


Emphatic Precognition

Whenever in an intensely emotional state, she receives sudden visions of the past or future. She will usually collapse or go into a dream-like state until forced out of it or when it ends. She usually forgets the vision shortly after.

Precognitive Dreaming

Similar to Emphatic Precognition, she receives visions through dreams according to her emotions. She remembers these much less. Happy emotional state gives a happy memory, same as the other emotions.


If she comes to the brink of death, instead of dying, her body will fully heal. She will fall into shock, or unconsciousness and may be able to heal others in the same state.

Automatic Writing

While daydreaming, she may start writing down messages that come from The Host(cursed). Typically, they are things that he tells her or reminders for her to take care of themselves.



She will sometimes latch onto a thought and go on and on about it, usually resulting in being distracted and may end up collapsing or becoming overwhelmed.



Although they are not really related, she sees him as her own child and deeply cares for him.

She also sees him as a brother, though they've only shortly met. They mostly seem to bond over caring for smol!anti.


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