"You saw what kind of monster I could become the day you found Chase lying DEAD ON HIS BEDROOM FLOOR!

These are the people that died BECAUSE I WOULDN'T LISTEN TO YOU !

What kind of person does that to their own brother ?" ― Anti


Anti has been seen lingering around the Manors attic mostly, usually around Cursed!Dark, or with Crystal. He seems to be possessing the body of a version of Light (Wyvernkin!Light) and currently appears to be in child form.



He has a slightly built figure, although he is short. He has dark green hair and wears black gauges in his ears. His eye colour flicks between green and blue, and they occasionally turn dark black with white irises. He also owns two slits on his neck which are constantly bleeding

He always wears a bandage around his neck, along with a grey, zipped hoodie with the word 'Anti' etched across it.


Typically, he's neutral and bitter to most people and he doesn't stray from fights. He is milder and nicer to certain people (Dark, Chase, etc). He tends to be kinder to children but usually avoids them. He's generally like a very angry puppy that got kicked into the corner.

He's very sweet towards his closest friends. He likes to banter with others.


Object Manipulation

If he has the right amount of energy, he can summon as well as fix and edit existing objects. He cannot summon objects with magical properties but he can edit small bits of his surroundings as well, though it relies on his energy.

Shadow Mimicry

He owns the ability to change into a shadowed form which is slightly solid. He can phase through walls and fly in this form. He cannot retain any injuries in this form, but can feel the pain of the injury until he shifts back into human form. Only shifting takes away stamina.


As he lives within Lights body, he also has the option to leave or to change and alter her form to match his appearance. He currently seems to be bound to Lights body.

He can also take control and reside within electrical appliances. His nature also allows him to take control of AI's easily such as Corroded Crank.

Fear and Anxiety Inducement

Used especially when he's fighting or doing jobs, he can forcefully induce fear and anxiety with ease. He doesn't like this ability, but he uses it very often. It doesn't use stamina.

Enhanced Hearing

Typically used during hunts or when searching for people, he can use this to sense for people hiding or running away from him. He can choose what he wants to hear more, i.e - voices, heartbeat, breathing and so on. He has to constantly control this or he will get overwhelmed. It strains and gives him blocks.

Entering Headspaces

Just as he can enter and modify his own headspace, he can also pull himself into others consciousness, leaving his own body vulnerable to others. This usually also allows Light to resume control as he works. He can access but not edit memories and emotions through this.


By using glitches, he can teleport from place to place, but not too far. This also heavily exhausts him and it hurts him when he does as it tears him apart during this. He only uses it as escape routes as he will usually end up unconscious after.

Sleep Manipulation

He has the ability to lull people slowly to sleep, or to instantly send them into a deep, unwakeable rest. He can also wake people from their rest, as well as choose the dreams given or evoke nightmares, and can send small visions to others.



Whenever overwhelmed, angered or emotional, he tends to start glitching. It hurts him as it starts to tear his body apart and overrides him with pain. Static may also be produced, causing disturbance to himself and others. His voice may also start distorting, which makes it hard for him to communicate with others. If stuck in a memory, sounds and voices will begin to leak out and join with the static.

Emotionally Driven

He's easily influenced and controlled by his emotions. He easily looses control and throws temper tantrum. This leads to him not thinking and attacking blindly, or dwells into his panic attacks and becomes an easy target.



Due to past experiences, he is terrified of being around children, but more so as to what he might accidentally do to them. He usually avoids them, but he is willing to approach them to heal if necessary (as they did for Watcher before).


He gets tense and uncomfortable if there are too many people or if he's surrounded by people he doesn't know. He'll be more prone to suddenly shutting down or panicking and may blindly attack or flee. It may also cause him to start glitching.


Due to his partially fae nature, he cannot come into contact with metal for prolonged extensions of time. He can hold it for a while, but after a short period of time, it will begun to sting, and slowly build into a strong burn. Because of his, his knife is not made of metal, but made of energy.



He has been seen to be very close to him and much less aggressive. He enjoys playing pranks on him and seems to enjoy his company more than anyone else's. Dark is considered his older brother, and closest friend.

Has only met them as smol!Anti. He absolutely loves her and sees her as family

  • David (The Host)
  • Valor (Deceased(?)


He also sees her as a mother, and has only seen her as smol!Anti. He likes her because he seems a lot more motherly than anyone else and gives him good food.

Has only met them as smol!Anti. He likes her company and seems to trust her somewhat. He likes to make flower crowns with her.

Has only met them as smol!Anti. He's very determined with making friends with him, and making him happy. He doesn't understand the android, but just wants him to smile.

  • Online

He sees her as a close and dear friend, almost like a family. He loves her closely and wants to keep her happy and protected at all times.

Has only met her as smol!Anti. He considers her his mother and seems to like playing jokes and playing with her.

  • Plasma
  • Marley Dy'nn'n
  • Echo



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