"She isn't... her.... is she?

There was a rage that awoke within at the thought. He would do everything he can to distance from that little shit'" ― Cursed!Darks thoughts


Cursed!Dark typically goes as Dark and roams the attic usually during waking hours. He shares a host body with Icy, though he seems to be more in control of himself since the Manor burned. He's close to Anti, though he seems to be growing more and more comfortable with the people there.

Profile :


Cursed!Dark has black hair, reaching his neck and red eyes. He is tall and he seems to loom over everyone else. He has a metallic cast on his ankle.

He owns luminescent, dark pink wings that form against his back and stretch out several meters wide. They are thin and glow constantly.


He's extremely protective and caring towards his family, though the latter is usually kept subtle. He does actively protect them and does show that he loves them though, and risks a lot to keep them safe.

He does have an aggressive attitude towards others, especially towards what he deems threats. He has a tendency to taunt people more than he'd admit. He's too stubborn for his own good.


Puppet Mastery

Dark owns the ability to control a group of people to bend to his liking, although, he does not use it often, and cannot use it for long times. Only short bursts.

Time Manipulation

He can control time in the sense that he can slow it down, but he cannot accelerate, go back or forward in time. This ability only effects himself and one selected target.

Illusion Manipulation

It's easy for him to create a multitude of illusions which can be touched, seen and heard. He can manage several of them at once with decent detail, used to manipulate people into believing something.

Emotion Manipulation

Typically, he uses this ability to force a person to feel an emotion. He doesn't rely on this ability often, as he naturally inflicts desired effects regardless, but he can do this in small doses.


Similarly to a spirit, he can take over another persons body and reside within it, though he is currently bound to Icys body, he can choose to severe the bond and leave.

Shadow Mimicry

Just like Anti, he can shapeshift and manipulate shadows. He rarely does this, but in this form, he cannot retain physical damage, though he will feel the pain of it until he returns to physical form. Staying in shadow form does not use energy, but shifting does.


As it entails for a spirit, he can access and enter headspaces, and has complete control over his own headspace. He can access their raw emotions and memories this way, as well was what they see and can potentially plant memories and other things (such as corruption) within them.

Weaknesses :


During his post life of the attic, he had broken his leg and set it in a metal cast. It is extremely vulnerable, especially in cold, and can be broken easily.

Relationships :


  • Cursed!Anti

The only family he has left.

  • The Cursed!Host (David)

Recently found family.

  • Crystal

A close, and loved friend.


  • Ash
  • Hyperkitty
  • Zanora


  • Stacy


  • Honestly he's enemies with everything

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