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She is adventurous, curious about the human world and clumsy - both physically and emotionally (she doesn't do subtle).


Primarily seen in her dragon form, Elora is a large pink-toned Leviathan. Capable of sifting forms between human and dragon, she retains the pink colouring to her hair when human, thus making her stick out. When trying to blend in, she will glamour her hair pale blonde.

As a human:

She stand 5'6", athletic, with an hourglass figure, her hair reaching her shoulder in soft pink waves. She has learned to blend in with the appearance of the humans around her that look her age, and is often seen wearing tights, wrap dresses, and tunics.

Hybrid form:

On land or out of the water or sky, Elora retains a human form, with the addition of scales on her hands, arms, chest, and face, in the form of armour; claws, and sharper teeth. Her senses also heighten in this state, and her eyes may become black

Dragon form:

In the water or the air (unless portal hoping during battle), this is her true form and when she is at her most dangerous and powerful. She is typical of leviathan or eastern type dragons, in that her body is long and slender and she does not possess wings. Covered in a blend of scales, scale plates and fur, she is primarily pink, but her colours regularly shift depending on her mood or emotions. During battle or a hunt she will turn completely black to blend in to her surroundings.


Elora is kind, curious and loving. Being a young adult in the dragon sense, and very curious about the world around her, El is fascinated by basically everything and excited to experience new things. She wants to learn as much as she possibly can, opening herself up to living as her mate does on land, learning to cook, crafting, and because of her mates chosen profession, she wishes to expand on her midwifery skills and practice medicine.


Like most of her kind, she is blessed with a number of abilities perfectly suited to aquatic life and life in the air.

Sensory: She possess a special sensory organ called a neuromast that allows her to sense the environment around her, specifically the emotional state of others. She is able to detect the general overall emotion in any given space, however if she is making physical contact with someone she can sense all the emotions they are experiencing.

This ability extends to family and loved ones. She will seek the emotional signature of a loved one, enabling her to find them by emotion practically anywhere in a space. The sensory link becomes permanent with mates, and she does not need to share a space with them to feel their emotions.

Colour changing and camouflage: Her ability to change colours is both a blessing and a curse. Gifted with the necessary ability to turn entirely black, she is able to successful hunt in stealth. This ability is also useful should she end up in battle. However, the rest of her abilities tend to be more of a colourful outward displace of her emotions, which while useful to the viewer, tends to give her away.

Her fur/scale colours are:

  • Pink: Neutral
  • Deep Pink: Happy / Excited / Affectionate
  • Pastel Pink: Embarrassed / Flustered / Scared
  • Lilac: Lying
  • Deep Purple: Upset / Scared / Emotional
  • Black (including eyes): Hunting / Stealth / Rage
  • Rainbow Sunset (Red/Orange/Pink/Purple): Aroused
  • Blue: ?

Most recently (since becoming pregnant) she has developed the ability to change eye colour, a trait she believe is being cause by the baby and Malas' DNA. So far she has not expressed his full range of eye colours.

Her eye colours are:

  • Silver: Neutral
  • Black: Anger/Rage / Hunting / Stealth
  • Amber: Aroused
  • Pink: Lying

Flying: Like most dragons, Elora is perfectly able to fly. However, she does not possess wings, so her altitude is somewhat limited (as witnessed during Courting when she fell from Malas' back). Elora flies by 'swimming' the air currents and will be seen coiling and rolling in the sky, catching currents in the air.

Swimming: The water is Elora's natural environment and she moves in the water like a true predator.

Medical Elora is a midwife. As part of her role as a highborn, she was tasked with the duty of attending and facilitating the breeding programs in various locations, including Innsmouth.




Her mother is the Deep One - Hydra, consort of Dagon, making her a step-sister of sorts to Zanora and Claire. Hydra, like many of her kind, regularly took to the land to mate with the land dwells. However, unlike the more obviously human-looking merrow, mermaids, and shape shifting deep ones who could easily mate with humans, Hydra's sheer size and appearance meant that she often sort out the company of the large land-dwellers: the dragons. One of these particular encounters resulted in the birth of Elora.

Hydra is a rather absent mother unfortunately, and unsuited to the raising of a highly emotional dragon-hybrid child. What little involvement she did have in raising her was limited to formalities.

Hydra, like many of other Great Deep Ones is deceased.


Elora has multiple biological siblings, but is far closer to the clutch of sea dragons and serpents she was raised amongst, in particular K'lehrys, a deep serpent that acted much as an older sibling or parent in Hydra's absence.


Altair/Griffin - Finn is the blood child of her mate, and she has taken to the child as if they are her own. Bonding strongly over their interest in craft and nature, Elora has formed a strong maternal bond with the young dragon.

Unborn child - Has just recently found out she is pregnant with her first child with her mate Malas (Eizen). He was the one to confirm the pregnancy, having noticed her mood and behaviour changes in recent weeks. When she complained of a sore back, he examined her and realised what he had considered a possibility was in fact true.


Malas (Eizen/Wrath) - the chance meeting and care of the large Lapis dragon has been a world changing situation for Elora. Not expecting to find a mate, let alone a clan outside of her own kind, she has been overjoyed with their developing relationship, having made strong bonds with his child, Altair. She loves him deeply and is excessively proud to be mated to such a wonderful, kind, caring and sweet-hearted dragon, and is incredible proud to be having his child.






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