Template:Lights TemplateOriginally, though he's been on the server longer than most, he wasn't part of the Attic's long (and confusing) family tree until some time in March when he and Ash first met. The two of them had Untitled to thank for being shoved onto a date with a candle lit dinner, an annoyingly loud audience, and a very unwilling and pissed off Ashley.

On the same day, the attic mother herself brought Gage to meet the rest of the family, much to Ash's anxiety, but everything turned out fine in the end with him suavely charming his way into the family.



Just a cute tol blonde with a smile so bright it outshines the sun.


Gage is a smooth little motherf*cker though he only prefers to share this trait with one person; that person being his lover. He absolutely loves flustering people but even despite his charms and smoothness, he tends to get flustered himself quite easily by any girl who makes a move on him, and it includes Ash as well.

He's also got a great sense of humour, throwing out puns whenever the occasion arises to which the pun queen herself is very amused. He'd even consider himself to be the perfect match for the smol tsundere, though she says otherwise, considering the level of her self esteem. Speaking of which, it's also a known fact that he's a huge yandere and would kill if you so much as look at her wrong.

And of course, it may still be a mystery as to why, but Gage just adores fighting in unfair battles with him being at a disadvantage against the stronger, god tier opponents he decides to take on. But all of this is in the hope that he'd get stronger and more powerful; maybe enough to challenge and defeat Darkiplier himself to supposedly avenge Ash. And all of this is much to her dismay, seeing as she's even made a bet with him to make him stop, only to end up losing terribly to him even after giving it her all.

With regards to the background of his family, Gage is so rich that it's actually frustrating. It shouldn't be surprising to find out that he could afford pretty much almost everything; from private jets to dream penthouses, you’d be able to fly to Paris overnight just by telling him.


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