Henry Silverstine

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Trivia :

Henry Silverstine was born an only child in an abusive home. His alcoholic gave him his scars and was the reason Henry went blind at the age of 18. After running from the hospital and the town, Henry's behaviour started to change and he came known as "the Host". However, after an incident that occurred during a visit to the Attic, it was found that he has had an entity who calls himself "the Host" inside his mind since he was 18.

Before the incident, Henry met Q, an orphan at the time, and JJ in the Egos Mansion. When he returned from the Attic, he officially adopted both of them. Q has come to the Attic and is now quite familiar with it.

During the events of the Attic that transpired, Henry fell in love with Claire and, eventually, got his eyes back, thanks to Zanora. Between him and Claire, they have 5 adopted children who Henry loves to call his "sunflowers." He picked up an interest in flowers after regaining his vision because the vibrant colours and unique shapes intrigues him.

Quotes :

"You can't break what's already broken."

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