Owner and administrator of the main roleplaying servers, Nora is a writer, aspiring Indie Game Developer and Designer, huge world-building, tea-loving, and eternally sick and stressed out.

Her main character - Zanora - got her name from a joke surrounding one of the many misspellings of her birth name. But it has become so normal for everyone to call her by her character nickname, that at this point she's more likely to respond to Nora than her birth name.

Joining the Markiplier Manor server the day it opened, she earned the title of AtticMum as a joke, because she was the oldest female in the Attic on the first day, and has taken on a caretaker role for both the servers and the people within, the responsibility played out in roleplay following on into real life.

As a game developer and designer, she likes to spend her time world-building more than character creating. She is responsible for the structure and lore of the Attic itself, giving out directions to every newcomer regarding the features (i.e. the spiders were in a box in the far left corner, the kitchenette to the right), it's fireproof capabilities and eventually its position within an inter-dimensional portal, on the first day.

It's this focus on building outwards that resulted in Zanora being described the way she is. She really looks like her character descriptions. This is purely down to laziness on her behalf, and not wanting to try to remember details later on that were foreign to her.

Prior to joining the Markiplier Manor server, she had never been involved in written roleplay, the closest she'd come was a few small sessions of Dungeons and Dragons, but she has proven herself to be a capable main player, excelling in para-play and creating long running stories with a group of steady partners, using the relationships to further build up the worlds, the canon, and the lore.

Currently working towards her degree in Game Development, she hopes to create amazing content, both for digital and for tablet-top gaming.

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