Hyper the Human from Before

Hyper the Human from the before

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Hyper Kitty

Hyper Kitty



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Hyper Kitty

"She is a kitten that can shapeshifter right before your eyes She Hyperkitty Hyperkitty!" - Blaze

HyperKitty is a human/cat shapeshifter! She wanders out of the depths of the Attic every so often to meet new people and hug-tackle old ones.

She likes to cause a little ruckus, but if anything really happens to the beings she holds close to her heart, she will fight with her life to stop it. She isn't known to be a fighter, or fierce really, but she is determined to keep everyone happy.

She is described in third person when in cat form, and speaks normally in human form. Her birthday is unknown, but she appears to be around 9 years old, 7 in her current storyline.


  • Cursed (smol) Anti

She has met the angry bean a few times over her stay in the attic. Although he can be emotional, she's grown rather fond of him, and together they make flower crowns.

  • Darkiplier

Still wary of his turbulent nature, she respects his love for his brother, and calmly coexists.

  • Ash


  • Crystal

She's very affectionate around Crystal, comfortable to be around her in either form.

  • Greg the attipug

The reason she decided to stay in the attic. If she ever sees him again she will never let him out of her sight.

Coming Soon:

Adoptive parents: Light + Jen

Adoptive siblings: Morp + Blight

Current State

Sleeping in the attic

(soon to be) Adopted by her new family.


  • Shapeshifting

She can shift at will from her cat form to her human form, and appears to retain a human level of sentience equally between both forms.

The more stressed or panicked she is when she shifts, the more instinct takes over and thinking gets suppressed.

  • Attiflowers

She has one seemingly sentient attiflower creature nestled behind her ear which she befriended after accidentally eating it. This event apparently gave her varying levels of control over the attiflowers.

She has shown some ability to summon them herself, although this is new to her so her control over quantity and accuracy is very limited.

The flowers themselves have glowing centres that change colour when exposed to certain emotions, especially if made into flower crowns. The sweet scent has a calming effect and when crushed into paste the flowers have healing properties.


A long long time ago, the hyper kitty was not a cat, she was a human girl. One day she made a terrible deal with a demon. The problem is, she can't remember what it was! And now she is cursed. She can poof from human to kitty at will, usually preferring to be human when being social.

The ability to shapeshift was a gift, but as with all magic, it came at a terrible cost. In order to protect her, the curse must also destroy her. At least, the memories that make her, her.

She has lived an unknown number of lives, in an uncertain number of homes with countless faceless loved ones. It seems each place she lands in starts out so bright, but always ends in her running away. Because of this, she has a deeply ingrained fear of rejection, and a constant doubt of the security of any 'family'. This does mean she has an open mind to all beings.

One day she wandered into the Attic where she met a friendly pug. Now she lives there. she is cheeky and affectionate, and if the need arises, very protective. She loves all her friends in the Attic, because they accepted her and made her feel like she could belong somewhere. It's the longest memory she's ever made, and that is precious to her.

The Curse

Symptoms: Shapeshifting, Faulty Memories

Because of her curse, her memories are somewhat, faulty. Should she be exposed to highly traumatic events, which happens surprisingly often, the curse will take control. Both a blessing and curse, it 'saves' her by forcing her to shift and run, far away from her fear and pain. When the curse finally releases it's hold on her and she shifts back, the amount of pure magic flooding her mind is too much. It destroys her memories, of her home, her loved ones, herself. In this moment, the self that she knows dies, and a new her has to start all over again, lost and alone.

Some things do trickle back to her though. Skills she may have picked up in previous homes, with past loved ones. Although her age is probably around 9 or 10, she has moments where she may act older or wiser than her usual childish self.

An example of this was when she treated Darkiplier for glass wounds. The skill came back to her, and her mentality appeared more mature in handling this.