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Jen Eggory is the wife of Light, and a selectively mute girl. She loves Light, no matter how much he has hurt her, whether he was aware of it or not. She works hard as a baker to provide for her family. She is also very hateful towards anything related to the moon.



Jen is a pale, short woman with a youthful appearance. She tries her best not to stand out to much, opting for a simple look with her brown hair tied to a low ponytail constantly, reaching just below her shoulder blades.

Her eyes are the same shade of brown as her hair and she often has a small friendly smile plastered on her face. She also is often seen wearing dresses that covers up most of her skin as well as a red scarf and hair pins.


Jen is a very loyal person to the people she loves and always tries her best to please Light in any way even if it ends up hurting her physically or mentally. She's very meek and shy around strangers but tries her best to communicate with them effectively and give them any sort of assistance.

She has always been weak-willed, she will change anything about herself if Light does not like something about her. She will do anything for Light and can never bear fighting with him over anything. She is also very accepting to what Light does despite her hesitance. She is generally a nice and loving person.



Jen is a normal human and doesn't have any sort of magic. She is however skilled in swordsmanship due to her fear of losing Light. She mainly uses knives that she always keeps around which belongs to Light. Hand to hand combat is also something she is skilled in.

Medical Knowledge

Jen knows most illnesses and how to treat them. She is skilled in the arts of ancient medicine and is able to detect when poison is present in an object through scent as well as taste. Basic poisons do not affect her.


Her biggest weakness is Light, if Light was to be injured, she will put her focus on him and her attacks will become slightly more reckless, making it easy to strike her due to the lack of focus on her own defences.


Jen has never really had a purpose in life until Light came into her life and later her children. Losing Light and her children would crush her and make her lose all her will to live, especially Light. She fears one day Light wont want her any more and abandon her. If he were to die, she would follow him anywhere no matter what even after death.

= Relationships


Jen first met Light in the bakery she currently works at 5 years ago and immediately fell in love with how bright he was. Although Light was in love with the egg they sold in her bakery and oddly enough he thought she was a bigger and more human version of that egg and because of that, dated her. He married her a month after. Despite this they never had an official wedding nor are they legally married.

She loves Light dearly and would do anything for him and hurt anyone who would dare hurt him only if he consented to it. Although she tries her best to focus on her children, Light is always her main focus. She loves Light more than anything and will accept anything he does whether it was good or not. She doesn't mind his abuse towards her no matter how much it hurts her physically and emotionally, as long as he is happy and doesn't hurt himself.