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Light Delphinium Dy'nn'n was a man who is literally married to an egg. He's so dissociative and odd that he believes the egg in his pocket is actually his wife, unless he's with Jen. He always carries around a cane with a knife attached to the bottom.



He is tall with medium length, blue hair, which he usually keeps tied and occasionally has thin white tubes fitted in his bangs. He wears semi-formal men's wear, and typically carries a white coat. He has blue eyes and also wears white gloves and carries a weaponized cane.


Lights personality fluctuates often between air headed, direction-less thoughts and aggressive, glaring tantrums. He's usually cheerful, but he's quick to anger and will usually resort to violence to solve his problems. But, he's also willing to sacrifice himself for the people (or eggs) that he cares about.

Otherwise, he can also appear more normal when he's not disassociating. He's also usually kind and sweet to his wife and his children. He's more mild when he's normal.



He is trained in fighting, but typically only in swords and knives. His main weapon is a cane, which has a knife attached to it, but he can also unsheathe an actual swords from it.

Poison making

Light has a hobby of making poisonous concoctions, usually vialed and stored in his clothes. He usually only uses it when he's enraged and cannot resort to direct violence.



He has a problem whereas he suddenly looses his train of thoughts and may stop fighting in between because he forgets what's happening. He gets injured easily this way and happens randomly and spontaneously.

Short Term Memory Loss

From time to time, he will loose recent memories, as shown when he forgot Dark was dangerous and when he forgot Jen was in danger right after he was shoved out of the room.

He will forget people, experiences and more, leaving him vulnerable to manipulative people and will also drive others away because he cannot remember them.

Lack of sense of Danger

Even if a man came running at him with a knife drawn, he will not register them as a threat. Just as a moving glob. He will, however, most likely engage. But, if the person speaks friendly and calmly, he will not register them as an approaching attacker.


The one thing he is most afraid of, is loosing Jen, or the egg in his pocket. He will break down, and he will immediately stop disassociating the second he understands lethal harm has come to her. (This applies to the egg in his pocket, as well as Jen)



She is his mother and he respects her highly. He regards her as a nice kettle and he doesn't remember being adopted, but he's happy to have a family.

He sees Dark as a disfigured chopstick, but he doesn't comment. He seems to like to pester him very often.

He sees her as a very weird and unrecognisable shape. He hates it. He wants to stab her, because he believes it'll 'fix' her.

Tiny demonic bear child. He sees him as a small, basketball that needs a good punting.


  • Jen

Light first met Jen at her bakery, while he was flirting with an egg. He believes that she is the 'humanised', bigger version of the egg and thus, forced her to marry him (even though they never had a ceremony, or actually proposed). Nevertheless, he does love her wholeheartedly, even though he injures her often.

Story line

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