Magick uses the life essence of the planet. The tree of life at the centre of the world is a producer/channeler of ever-flowing mana, and creatures are able to utilise this mana to perform magicks. The founder of the principles of magicks is Malas'Eitz , and it is usable by magical beings that have mana lobes in the brain (eg Dragons). 

Magicks are commonly known as Artes. There is no need for drawing incantation circles, as one will appear around the target or the user as they channel mana though their mana lobes.

Types of Magicks:

Basic: Basic magicks consist of performing simple 'spells' such as creating small fireballs or producing water. It makes use of the five basic elements of the world (fire, earth, water, and ether) and are used for simplistic ranged combat.

Healing: Healing magicks are used for medical purposes, extending from closing open cuts to regenerating entire limbs or organs. It is utilised by knowledge of the structure of organic life forms and being able to channel mana through their body to reconstruct the wounds in the flesh.

Advanced: Advanced includes the base elements for Alchemy and consists of using metals to contruct weapons, mechanical objects such as machines, robots and prosthetic limbs, and being able to perform more advanced combat 'spells' (eg create tornadoes)

Additional information: Dragons that can use magicks will increase in size the more powerful they become. Since Malas is the founder, his dragon form has become impossibly enormous to accommodate to contain all of the mana he can use. However, this does not limit his usage if he takes on a smaller form, since his body was reconstructed by the planet's mana in order to initially utilise it. This also means that no other being that can use magicks can be larger than him (with the exception of the gods) as he is the founder and able to utilise endless amounts of magick. 
This does not take from the fact that some tasks are very taxing upon the body. 
For example: Malas can construct bodies for lost souls to inhabit, so long as he follows the laws he has laid down for magicks, in that you cannot create a human life through magicks. 

Void creatures are the "opposites" of mana creatures, as the two types are vastly different. A creature of mana cannot exist in the Void, and very few void creatures can exist outside of the Void. A few exceptions to this are Elora, a leviathan who shares both void and mana life forces, as her mother-Hydra- is/was a void creature, and her father was an unnamed dragon-a creature of mana, Zanora Dy'nn'n, an elder god that has grown accustomed to living outside of the Void as she is a part of the Void-meaning she can exist outside of the Void without dying of life force exhaustion.

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