Eizen is a pure-blood dragon that lives in the attic with some of the atticult members. He is usually well-tempered, polite and a good being to talk to. Underneath this exterior lies a more sinister creature: Wrath. Eizen is mostly capable of controlling Wrath, past stage three is a different story.

His foster children are:

Terra (T-Rex)

Ace (Carnotaurus)

Alley (Allosaurus)

Spino (Spinosaurus)

Veer (Trico)

Found in an andandoned nest, Eizen took these eggs back to the atticult and looked after them until they hatched.

He is good friends with Twiztid. They share deep, meaningful conversations on the regular and get along mostly like brothers.


He comes from the era of REM, or the Reign of Emperor Malas'Eitz. Eizen and his old friend, a cyborg-infused dragon known as Sath'Valkas, worked together to lead the Drake Race to technological advancements far beyond human understanding. They could create life just by thinking about it, thanks to the discovery and development of magicks.

The Eradication of Dragons Era

His friend Sath'Valkas had planned to create advanced AI systems that could help guide the human race to the peak of it's understanding of the world around them, but the humans he was tutoring at the time killed him in a freak accident that led to the creation of the Gate of Truth, a system that allowed humans to use alchemy and alkahestry, but since they did not know how to truly use the powers they had been given, they abused it and began the mass genocide of the dragons, blinded by greed and envy for wanting what they couldn't have. Eizen was the only dragon to survive this, only sustaining mere wounds as he had used magicks to disguise himself as a human.

After this mass genocide, his homeland in ruins and the technology they worked so hard to create gone, Eizen was completely alone. A single human woman by the nickname of Phoenix found the wounded dragon and nursed him back to health. Sadly however, Phoenix was slaughtered by her own people, and as she lay bleeding out in his arms, she asked to be reborn. Knowing this was the only chance he had left to reverse what his friend's students had done, Eizen granted her wish, taking her soul after she had died and placing it into a nurturing egg; a manufactured egg that was used to allow the rebirth of souls without conducting human transmutation. This egg was kept safe in his home whilst he travelled the world in the guise of a human.

Modern Era

Eizen has now since lost his hatred for humans, finding that the ones he live with now are much kinder than the ones that slaughtered his race, and no longer has any need to guise himself as a human. The egg that Phoenix resides in is now with him in the attic, and is soon to hatch. He is also working with his half-student, Twiztid, to bring about the eradication of the Gate of Truth and reverse what the students caused so long ago.

He recently dwarfed Anti's dragon form in an attempt to forcefully calm him down.

Eizen has also vanquished one demon with the help of Bit, however the dragon would have quite easily destroyed the demon himself had he not promised Bit would deliver the finishing blow.



Eizen was the founding father of Magicks and Artes. He, along with Sath'Valkas, taught their race how to channel the ether-the life force of the earth-and use it for healing; whilst Sath'Valkas developed methods of channeling this energy and founded the principles in this world for Alchemy, Alkahestry and astonishing technology that far outpaced the human race's technological advancements.

Because of this, Eizen developed the skill to create life from the ether without the need for human transmutations. However, due to this later becoming taboo amongst alchemists and that his skill drained him of energy, he rarely uses this skill unless it is absolutely required.


Due to the nature of building a lost soul a new body, Eizen has to keep the soul in the same area he is in when creating the new body, otherwise it will not accept the soul and will just remain an empty shell and a waste of resources. He can keep the soul bound to a living host temporarily through temporary soul-binding, but the host has bear a family tie to the soul, be a partner, or be Eizen himself since he is creating the body. This is Co-habitation. Co-habitation can last for up to ten hours before the temporary link will falter and the host will begin rejecting the soul.

Rejection of a co-habiting soul will begin with signs of coughing fits and lead to possible blood loss, paralysis or even death. Thankfully for Eizen, he can create a new body within ten hours without too much strain to his energy resources. However, since this is a dangerous game he is playing, if the situation becomes desparate, he will occasionally speed up the process at the cost of being rendered immobile for a few days.

For Co-habitation to successfully work, the host cannot be a temporary shell, nor can it be a random host. The family tie or partner link are the only hosts outside of Eizen that will be successful and reduce the risk of rejection issues depending on how strong the link is between the soul and the host.

Eizen is the only pure-blood dragon alive. There are demons, deities and shapeshifters with dragon forms, however they do not share the same blood that Eizen's race had. Any other dragons alive in the Atticult are not related to Eizen's line and are most likely shapeshifters, demons or deities.

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