Markiplier Manor

Markiplier launched his official Discord server on the morning of Feb 6 2018, shortly after 9:00 am EST (14:00 GMT) by tweeting out an invite. Since the server launch, he has tweeted 3 additional invites on February 8th, again on February 10th and one more time on October 31st 2018. The invites were only valid for a short time and anyone who missed the invite was unable to join the server after the invite closed.

Additional access has been granted through Twitch Subscriptions and YouTube Memberships, giving access to the server for new members to join. Over the past year, the activity on the server as a whole has slowed down, although this is mostly attributed to members off server lives (work/school/home commitments), but during and post release of new content (such as when Damien was released) activity massively increases. There is expected to be both an uptick of activity and potential influx of new members post the release of A Heist with Markiplier (released October 30).

Rooms in the Manor

Below is all of the rooms in the Manor. The links will take you to the Markiplier Manor wiki and their pages. Please note that quite a few of the pages have not been updated in some time. If you would like to contribute to the wiki, please contact the wiki admin through their contact channels or via the Markiplier Manor server. The link to the Attic will lead you directly back to our front page. This has always been the link for the Attic. 

Joining the Server

As mentioned above, Mark has periodically opened the server for public entry (by posting links on Twitter, Tumblr, and in his YouTube live stream), the last public invite being February 7th 2021.

The current method for joining the server involves either being a paid subscriber to his Twitch channel or a paid Member of his YouTube channel. To join the server after paying for either of this memberships, make sure you have you Twitch or YouTube account linked to your discord account. The invite will be made available to you shortly after.

To see if the invite has become available, go to your discord user settings > connections > Twitch/YouTube. You will see a box within the connected account with a join button. Example of invite from Twitch subscription:


If you leave the server for whatever reason and still have you Twitch or YouTube membership, the invite will still be available through connections. Cancelling your subscriptions will not remove you from the server, you will however lose your special member tag and colour: Twitch Purple and YouTube Red. You will return to either Kids Green or White if you are still below level 8. You will also loose access to the special server rooms for your membership.

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