Brown Hair, Light Blue Eyes and mostly wearin his Green Hoodie.


Tries to Help where he can, pretty Introverted and Calm, and also occasionaly just ignores everything and everyone around him. He can have fun with the simplest things, but is very hard to really impress.


He can control time on Objects, people, himself - technically everything, altough he has to use that carefully, since it could destroy the whole universe if used wrong.


Has some technology from the Future, for instance a Computer (which can pretty much do anything a "normal Computer" can do, but really fast), a Laser-cutter or the Scanner, which allows only him to access his Secret Room. He can always get more of such stuff from the Future.


He just popped into existance, as a completely lonely Blob in Space. He saw the Big Bang happen, wandered around a bit, until he settled on the Planet Earth. Seeing Humans coming way further than Dinos and such, he decided to make and keep his current Form. After finding out his Time-Travelling abilities, he would go around in time, looking at the different Times, but also almost destroying the Planet by bringing Future-tech into earlier Times, forgetting it and having it found by someone Greedy. He just barely stopped it. Yes, he could just go back in time, but going back from such big Events would not only take a long time to reform, but also be very hard, and he doesn't wish anybody such pain as that Technology did. After lots of Time Travelling he wanted to settle in one Time, finding the Attic, the first place he really liked, including all the people there.