Sometimes, broken things need to be destroyed to be saved.

The Shattered Plane

Created out of a horrible incident, retained by mistake. The Shattered Plane is a broken plane of reality clinging to the world it one belonged to, the epicentre being the Attic of the Manor. 

As the Attic burned, Zanora worked hard to separate the layers she'd twisted together in an attempt to save the Attic, the Manor, and the residents within. She thought she'd succeed, that the layers of reality had been saved or destroyed, but she was wrong. 

Months after the event, she returned to the Manor, life energy calling her from somewhere within the Attic. Entering that place for the first time since leaving, she quickly discovered a little boy, a toddler with a soft face and mischief in his eyes, and to her utter shock and surprise, Dark. But not her Dark. 

The Shattered Plane is a world crumbling apart. A lost child, a misplaced man, and a handful of creatures trapped in the broken reality of the Attic and the remnants of the world it once was, and time is running out for all of them.

Journey to the edge

After finding Joshua and Darkness, Zanora is forced to choose between her loyalty to her family and her concern and attachment to the small boy and the man that seems so much like her love. Darkness just wants to return as Damien to his reality, to find his fiance, and right the wrongs caused by Mark. Joshua, finally presented with the promise of family wants nothing more than to stay with them. 

But things are falling apart, and soon enough they will all be faced with the harsh reality of the end. 


Zanora - Goddess of the Void. She made this place and feels duty bound to the souls within it.

Darkness - After stepping from the dreamscape his sister created, Damien sort only his fiance Nora. Instead, he ended up in this broken place for lost things. Unable to deal with Zanora not being his Nora, the entity that binds him and his sisters spirits and gives him power takes control, to protect the man. He just wants to return to his reality and his life. 

Joshua - The little boy lost. A demon tulpa suffering through yet another reincarnation, he has found himself lost and alone in a crumbling world. Will Zanora and Darkness be the family he so desperate craves?

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