Atticult Wiki

The Attic of the Manor is the original home of the Atticult and the location where many events have occurred, including Corruption and the beginning of the Burning Heart Saga.

Located at the top of the Manor and accessible via the door at the top of the stairs from the second floor, the Attic is a combination of layered versions of itself throughout time and across realities.

There have been a number of iterations of the Attic:

  • The original bare Attic (day one - pre-modification by Zanora to protect it)
  • The ship wood attic (the attic rebuilt by Zanora using wood from sunken ships to prevent it from burning)
  • The Attic within its own inter-dimensional portal (this became the standard for the Attic, preventing death)
  • The Attic with it's additional portal rooms (Bob's room being of note)
  • The Attic post Corruption and Zanora's attempted Total Recreation Event.
  • The addition of the roof with it's cannon and then trebuchet, hot tub and BBQ.
  • The Attic post the great burning (this resulted in the creation of the new Attic, and the Shattered Plane)

The Attic has also undergone many renovations and additions, all designed to accommodate the growing and varied inhabitants, and has survived the many destructive events and situations it has been through.