Located within the Mount Hana Regional Forest, The Sanctuary is a hidden world filled with the fae, the mythical, and the magical wonders of the fairy world.

Details about the Sanctuary

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Locations within the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is it's own community and is broken up into various areas based on location usefulness and alignments. 

Seelie and Unseelie Regions:

The map of the Sanctuary is split into three under fairy rule, with some spaces Seelie, some Unseelie, and some untithed. During tithing, there will often be quarrels and sqirmishs over the areas as each court tries to regain control. The majority of non-fae cretures ignore their rule and bickering though.

The Spirit Gate:

Guarded by the minotaur Asterion, the gate is one of the main entrances to the Spirit Realm located around the world. Aster's job is to keep spirits of all sorts contained within, and he will often be seen roaming the local hunting down errant spirits to return them to the gate.

The Marketplace:

Central trading spot of the community. Frequented by magical creatures of all sorts, food, objects, and potions are available for purchase or barter.

Species and Creatures within the Sanctuary

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