The Atticverse Roleplay encompasses three servers and a wide variety of locations and themes. Access to the servers is via invite only, and initially only to our main server - AAA.

The servers are:

AAA - An Affectionate Attic

Horror and scifi themed, this is the home of the roleplay that started and continues in the Attic of Markiplier Manor. We have a deep, long running lore and have been going for over 2 years. New players are always welcome.

DE - Dragon Empire

Adventure and fantasy themed, DE is where you will find dragons, wesen, and humans co-existing in a world were real meets fantastical. The locations of AAA (the Manor, Hospital, and Facility) all exist within the Empire. This is the world outside the Manor, and has its own lore and canon. New players are always welcome.

MM - Mirror Manor

Set in an AU universe known as Earth Alternate B, Mirror Manor is the world of AAA and DE in one location. Currently closed to new players, but that may change in the future.

For an invite to AAA, please make your presence known in the Attic of Markiplier Manor and speak to AtticMum, AtticDad, or Seraph. We welcome new roleplayers and readers, with the two main servers (AAA and DE) being both roleplaying and social servers.

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