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"Warfstache don't take no shit from nobody!"

The one and only pink moustached murder machine.



Wilford Warfstache is a man who shares an uncanny resemblance to Markiplier with both his appearance and personality. He is notably recognised for his distinctive, pink moustache, his bravado and of course, his exaggerated voice.

He is almost always seen wearing a light pink bowtie, matching suspenders and either a white or peach shirt. And of course, he always carries around his trusty pistol and occasionally has a small knife tucked away in a certain, safe spot.

Warfstache likes to perceive himself as having pink hair, but like with Mark's, it is black.


Aside from his goofy nature and ruthless murderous instincts, Warfstache is shown to have surprisingly, astounding mannerisms. He is also shown to be easily angered which contributes to his psychotic nature. Warfstache will not hesitate to kill those who get in his way and thoroughly enjoys it when he does.

Wilford speaks with an exaggerated voice and compliments this through his unique hand actions, notably when he twiddles with his moustache.

He is extremely protective around those whom he cares about and any who threaten them will no longer be an issue when he's done. Known for his homicidal crimes and craving for chaos, Warfstache is one to be wary of.


Even as The Colonel, Wilford was shown to have transcendental abilities, although these were only teleportation and quick - change acts. Later as mentioned in The Fall of Slenderman Warfstache is described to be exceptionally strong and ruthless as he scares off Slenderman, showing him to be an equally powerful, or even more powerful Reality Warper. This later leads to his eccentric nature and jarring participation of both homicidal murder and adultery.

Evidence of his reality manipulation is later shown in A Date WIth Markiplier. In the true ending, you the player attempt to escape with Mark, but instead, observe as reality shifted at Warfstache's whim. Wilford is able to warp reality and engulf the player into a psychedelic pink and white vortex of clocks without even lifting a finger.

Warfstache is shown to harbour physical abilities as well usually involving his gun or trusty knife. Insanity contributes to this greatly as Wilford is shown to easily enact murder without any hesitation, even going as far as to kill Markiplier.

Bottom line is, don't mess with Warfstache.