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"Whatever we choose... I want the baby to see the stars Darkheart." ― Zanora


In Our Mythos


With her bright bloody red hair, silvery grey eyes, and pale skin, Zanora tends to stand out in a crowd wherever she goes. Due to her being a mermaid, her skin is more translucent than a humans, with veins being clearly visible.

As she is a mermaid, she has a number of forms that her body moves through dependent on what her mood is and where she is at the time of transfiguration.

As a human:

She stand 5'6", athletic, with an hourglass figure, her hair reaching her waist. She has learned to blend in with the appearance of the humans around her that look her age, and is often seen wearing tights, soft sweaters, and a messy bun.

Hybrid form:

On land or out of the void (unless incredibly focuses), Zanora retains a human form, with the addition of scales on her hands, arms, chest, and face, in the form of armour; claws, and sharper teeth. Her senses also heighten in this state.

Mermaid form:

In the water or the void (unless portal hoping during battle), this is her true form and when she is at her most dangerous and destructive. She possess a strong, darkly scaled tail that is prehensile and capable of supporting her elevated stature. Her armour scales cover most of her upper body in this state, with spaces for her gills which are along her ribs.

*** form:

This form has not yet been witnessed by the residents of the attic, or by Dark, but has been seen by Cthulhu. It will be seen eventually.


Zanora is self-sacrificing and loving to a fault. Her past has given her an immense amount of guilt, which she atones for by caring for and protecting others. It's this need to care for and protect others that had lead her into several recent traumatic experiences that have left her with rather severe anxiety, particularly regarding her perception of reality and seeing her love dying... again.

Her mer-nature means her moods can be somewhat mercurial, leading her into situations that had she been able to remain calm, would have been avoided.

Her military and high-borne history has trained her to be carefully manipulative, always planning ahead, keeping her cards close to her chest. Gaining her trust is an incredible feat... something that only Dark has truly managed in the Attic.


Like most of her kind, she is blessed with a number of abilities perfectly suited to aquatic life. She possess a special sensory organ called a neuromast that allows her to sense the environment around her, specifically the emotional state of others. In fact, her emotional connection is so strong that she is able to channel void energy via her heart, and has often accidentally pushed her emotions onto the residents of the attic when particularly happy (or in love).

However, unlike many of her 'sisters', her father is the great and dark overlord Cthulhu. Thus, she is blessed with a number of his talents, specifically relating to traversing the void, reality manipulation and telepathy.

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Zanora was raised by her grandfather Cthulhu (who she views as her father), in his temple after the death of her Parents - Dagon and Ishara. She found out as an adult that her mother hadn't died, but had fled the city during the battle, abandoning her and her father and chosen to stayed on Earth and possibly had more children.

Her mother was human appearing, and the mix between her mother and her father's aquatic form gave her her merform. She didn't know her parents beyond what was told to her by her father and the high priestesses at the temple.

It wasn't until she was an adult, and highly ranked within the Queens service that she was told her mother had not in fact died with her father, but had survived and fled, still somewhere on Earth. She also learned that she most likely had siblings, something that she spent many years upon her return to confirm. She unfortunately found that most of them had inherited their human fathers longevity, and had all died before she found them.

Her grandfather Cthulhu was a fair parent, but often left her to be raised by the priestesses. He supported her often contradictory decisions, most notably, her choice to not kill the children during her final battle under her Queen. It was his choice to fling her through the void and return her to Earth, her birth planet, and hopefully to something greater. He visited with her in the Manor and assisted her in a number of events of crisis within its walls. He has also given his approval for her relationship with Dark.



Claire was a surprise addition to the Attic. Arriving there like all the others, Zanora immediately knew there was a deeper connection. She could feel an energy about her, something that seemed familiar, and it was only after hugging her for the first time that she finally felt the connection - Claire was her sister! Claire is the only living sibling from their mother Ishara. While human, she does possess powers that are compatible with Zanora - telekinesis and water manipulation in particular.

Claire is supportive of Zanora, but like a typical sister, she has often shown deep distrust of Zanora's boyfriend Dark, going as far as to tell her to leave him. More recently, she has began warming to him, but time will tell.


Unborn Child

Zanora is currently pregnant for the first time with her first child to Dark. The child so far has proven to be causing havoc with her abilities, preventing her from using her magic, causing her to use spontaneous magic (often with explosive outcomes), and often leaving her drained and possibly unconscious. The outburst of magically irregularity happen the more upset she becomes, and discovering her magic wouldn't work they day her pregnancy was confirmed. While the pregnancy is progressing at a normal rate of a human, the interference Zanora is experiencing has made her certain the child will be entirely magical in natural.


Adopted by Zanora, Akito is the child form of the demon that had been inhabiting Bob, and became the initial trigger of Dark's possessive outburst when corrupted. His life with Dark and Nora was always difficult, with the small boy never quite feeling like he was welcomed or safe around Dark. Encouraged by Nora to spend more time with the ailing arachnid Bob, he unfortunately met his demise, a casualty in the rupturing of the broken plan and the death of Bob.

Other Children


The older of the two children Zanora took under her wing. Before his death he was a troubled soul, suffering from delusions and violent behaviour. He was married with children. He and his wife unfortunately died during the chaos of Dark being corrupted.


The younger of the two children, Angel is missing presumed dead. Once engaged to a boy named Greg King (who went missing under strange circumstances), she became depressed and inconsolable when he stopped returning her calls. Leaving school to return home, she briefly lived in Dark and Nora's basement, before eventually moving into Greg's abandoned apartment. After months of no communication, it was determined that she had likely been killed. No body was recovered.



Zanora first met Dark just before the events of Corruption. As always, she was welcoming to the entity, but as the corruption began to over take the minds of the residents of the Attic, she became increasing confused and desperate to end the destruction, she decided to attempt to reset the inter-dimensional portals and the Attic itself by throwing her heart (the core of her power) into the void. During this time, she was experiencing strong doubts and Dark stayed by her side throughout the mayhem, encouraging and supporting her, eventually asking her if she trusted him... she did. But he was attempting to manipulate her. Or at least that was his intention.

As their relationship progressed, he continued to manipulate her for his own reasons, unknowingly growing more and more attached to her, leading to a show down in the void between him and the Host which cost him his vessel and bound him permanently to Zanora via a shared heart.

The choice to take the vessel was his, the emotional connection having already been established prior to his possession of the body. Taking control of the body came with a world of new emotions for the entity, and came with a bonus... his heart and Zanora's heart are connected. Unlike her bond to the Host, which was one-sided and fuelled by him, the bond between the two reality manipulators is equal and allows them to share not only their feelings, but magic, void energy, and as seen during Corruption 3, allows Zanora to take his darkness from him.

During her pregnancy, Zanora has experienced the frustration of being effectively cut off from their connection. While she can feel his presence and emotions for the most part, he is able to sneak up on her (unlike before), and lie to her, as she can only get a general idea of his emotions and not a full understanding.

Knowing this, she is currently trying to ease her worry by giving in to the fuzziness of their connection to avoid the knowledge of his returned corruption.

The Host

The relationship between Zanora and her Deepheart, The Host, was a confusing whirlwind. Becoming quick friends with the blind writer, she felt compelled to help him in anyway she could, first assisting him by splitting her heart and creating a new one for him to replace his own (a gift that would lead to devastation and a new future for her and Dark), and then replacing his eyes with void magic and stars.

It was the request for sight that lead to the beginning of their relationship, The Host wanting to see her, realizing his own jealousy at her burgeoning relationship with Dark and wanting to keep them apart. Gaining his sight and seeing her for the first time, he kissed her and professed his love.

This action lead to a great deal of internal conflict for the mergod. She loved her Darkheart, trusted him implicitly... but she found that she also had feelings for the Host. Knowing Darks possessiveness and dislike of the Host, she made sure to keep the two apart where possible, although while with either, all she could think about was the other and for different reasons.

This mental conflict should have alerted her that something wasn't right. When she was with Dark, she worried for her friend, reassuring her love that there was nothing to be concerned about. However when she was with the Host, his presence became all consuming and thoughts of Dark would push through, giving her intense guilt and confusion.

After a number of near misses with the two mean almost coming to conflict, Zanora ended up finding the Host bloodied and wounded, taking him to void in a portal to heal him. But he wouldn't let her, which only confused her. While in the void, she could feel Darks anger and knew he was looking for her, knowing he would find them in the void and the Host would be unable to defend himself.

Dark found them in the void and the Host finally revealed his true-self to Zanora. He was a dragon. Something that could not survive in the void, and he was intent on destroying Dark.



One of Zanora's dearest friends, she has trusted the care and well-being of the attic and it's residents to Bob since the start, knowing that the ancient spider could always be trusted to make the best decisions for them.

During Corruption 1 and 2 she found herself deeply at odds with her trust of him, knowing he could kill them all, but wanting to save him. Post C2 and the release of Akito's soul into the real world, she adopted the boy as she felt a deep connection to him, as she saw that he was a part of the creature she deeply cared for.

Bob is nearing the end of his existence, a reality that is difficult for Zanora to cope with, but one that she knows she must face. Her only hope is that his end will be worth of his great life.


The android and his four split forms/personas is deeply cared for by the mermaid. She has repaired and augmented them into greater states of being a number of times, and is currently on the hunt for Blue, who has been deactivated and gone missing in an unknown location.

Wilford Warfstache

Zanora simply adores her precious pink boy and enjoys his sense of destruction and chaos. Often gifting him with weapons and desserts, she encourages his whimsy and murderous nature, living somewhat vicariously through his bloodlust in a completely safe way.



Early Life Before the Manor

Born to Dagon and his consort Ishara, Zanora was whisked away to the safety of her grandfather Cthulhu after an attack saw her parents killed. She was raised among merfolk, taught their ways, as well as the histories of her parents and their home world. She was raised in the temple by the high priestesses, trained to be one of them, eventually becoming the high priest.

Her life before the Attic was one of dedication to her people; her Queen; and her father and Lord, Cthulhu. Being the child of the elder god, and a high-borne priestess in his temple, this placed her in a position of command during many battles, her ruthlessness with enemies and her many victories well known and sang among her kind. It was during one such battle that she stumbled upon a temple of children, and in that moment, she broke. She could never harm a child, and it was this refusal that ultimately saw her torn from her family and home. Flung into the void, she eventually found earth and after centuries swimming its waters to learn its customs and lick her wounds, she gave into her need for family, and her deep need to protect children in forgiveness to the ones she'd been unable to save.

Moving to the Manor gave her that.

February 2018: The Beginning

Arrival in the Attic

Upon her acceptance into the Manor, she immediately took up residence in the upper most room of the house, the space dusty, cramped and full of spiders and cobwebs. She made quick work of the space, having felt the other entities moving into the lower recesses of the house, and the powerful energy of two specific entities that she would later come to identify as Darkiplier and Antisepticeye. Establishing the multiple versions of the attic throughout space and time into one contiguous space, she wrapped it securely within an inter-dimensional portal, protecting it from the rest of the house, and inadvertently making it so that nobody could die within its walls. The unfortunate side-effect of this protection being that she is unable to simply walk into the void. This has affected the entire manor, and made moving about a sometimes frustrating endeavour for her.



"Oh... A room." ― Zanora